_     _____         ____            _____ 
                                          (_)   |_   _|       |  _ \          / ____|
                                           _      | |         | |_) |        | (___  
                                          | |     | |         |  _ <          \___ \ 
                                          | |    _| |_        | |_) |         ____) |
                                          | |ava|_____|nternet|____/ackgammon|_____/erver 
                                         _/ |                   

is a clone of the server available at fibs.com


I rather wanted to start developing a strong playing backgammon program. I already had developed a robot called alando which participated on Fibs the last year with variably results. Some games have been played brilliant whereas some are just to painful to mention. As I obiously don't have enough Backgammon knowledge to start developing a better program, I started searching the Internet. It seems to me that some of those strong playing programs are based on neural networks (JellyFish,Snowie,...), without any knowledge of Backgammon involved. That's exactly what I was looking for!

A network like that would involve a lot of training. But, playing on Fibs, just to train the network seems to costly.


Therefore it would be nice if I had a server on my own, where I can train a playing neural network without bothering anyone else.

That's when I started hosting the development of a clone of the server similar to Fibs on Sourceforge.

This then will be used to start developing a strong playing backgammon program. (Another project to be hosted on Sourceforge :-)).The source code will be available as open source (GPL license) and written in Java.

Whoever wants to participate in developing jIBS is invited to do so!

Currently to participate the following items are needed:

Java SDK 1.4

the latest SDK


relational Java-Database with a very small footprint


any Java IDE

PS: The nice art at the top of this page made out of ASCII characters from http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

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